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Check the Format of Your Video Before Submitting it

Be Persistent!

Start Researching Learning Theories

“Tracking” Means Grouping by Ability or Some Other Trait

Read the Handbook Again… but This Time With the “Understanding Rubric Level Progressions” Document

Read the Handbook Again…but This Time With “Making Good Choices” by Your Side

Read the Glossary

Read the Handbook

Make Clear Connections Between Your Cited Research and Plans for Instruction

And … Or … But … Nor … So … For … Yet

Use Technology to Help Proofread

The Academic Language of the edTPA® Portfolio Assessment

Make a Good Choice!

Schema Theory for PE Instruction

Prior Knowledge… Schema Theory

Read the Highlighted Text!

Read Your Work Aloud

Use the Handbook as Well as the Rubrics

Read the Prompts Carefully

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