In preparing your lesson plans and commentaries, you will need to include and describe teaching strategies and learning tasks.

Teaching Strategies are the actions you, the teacher, make during a lesson.  

In your plans, detail what teaching strategies you will use and when.  In your commentaries, describe why you chose those strategies.

Having trouble deciding on your teaching strategies?  An easy way to spur your thinking is to ask yourself:  What will I be doing during the lesson?

Learning Tasks are opportunities you create for students to engage with the content you’re teaching. You want to be sure your plans and commentaries clearly describe the learning tasks you create.

In designing your learning tasksask yourself:

  • What will students be doing during the lessons?
  • Will you have them “turn and talk”?
  • Will they use individual white boards or response cards?
  • Will they work with partners?
  • Will they use a graphic organizer?
  • Will they do an experiment?