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Use Assessment Data to Inform Re-Teaching

Make Sure Evaluation Criteria are Specific

Analyze Your Students’ Performance with an Item Analysis

Frame Your Feedback Positively

Define Your Evaluation Criteria

Make Sure Your Assessments are Aligned With Your Content

Check the Format of Your Video Before Submitting it

Reflect on Your Practice Using Video

Encourage Use of Academic Language

Model the Objective

More on how to Create a Positive, Risk-free Learning Environment

Use Research and Theory to Inform Your Reflection

Building Rapport

Plan for Engaging Students

Plan When you Will Model the Objective

Pre-requisite and Requisite Skills

Plan to ask Good Questions

Include Citations in your edTPA Planning Commentary

Designing or Choosing Assessments

Be Specific in the Lesson Objectives!

Referencing Common Core (or other curriculum) Standards

Watch your language!

Be Persistent!

When is Your Hour?

Questions to ask Before you Start Planning Lessons

Start Researching Learning Theories

Teaching Strategies and Learning Tasks

Identify Struggling and Above Level Students

“Tracking” Means Grouping by Ability or Some Other Trait

What are the School Policies?

Become Familiar With the Schedule of the Class

Get to Know Your Students

Walk or Drive around the Community: Identify Assets

Test Your Video Device

Decide how you Will Capture Video of Your Practice

Read the Handbook Again… but This Time With the “Understanding Rubric Level Progressions” Document

Read the Handbook Again…but This Time With “Making Good Choices” by Your Side

Read the Glossary

Read the Handbook

Decide on a Backup Plan

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